About Skagen Frisk

Skagen Frisk sells fish of the highest quality. We deliver locally, nationally and internationally to businesses and restaurants.

Skagen Frisk is owned and driven by Jan Nielsen who has always been around on Skagen’s port, first as the owner of Nibe Hansen in the iconic Thorval Bindesbøll fish storehouses, and later as the owner of Wittrup Fiskeeksport, now Skagen Frisk. Jan’s experience over the past years means he is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled within his field of work.

Our focus is always on the customer, which is why we care about quality. As far as possible, all our fish are bought at the fish auction in Skagen so that we can ensure its excellence and guarantee the highest quality for our customers.

Skagen Frisk is the preferred distributor for many of the restaurants in Skagen, a title that can only be earned by delivering the highest quality every time. We can handle every order, no matter how much or little is needed. Skagen Frisk has a clear vision to deliver the highest quality fish to all parts of Denmark. We are here to offer the customer a better alternative when quality matters most.